Sometimes gathering footage from projects you have worked on can take forever. In addition, you are not always presented with the opportunity to play a character that showcases your highest potential. Why not take the contents of your reel into your own hands?


In addition to editing original source material, we shoot scenes for actors based on your specific needs. Whether that be our "improvised circumstance" technique, using material you have written or developed, or our team of writers working with you to create scenes catered to your type - as content for your reel.


We shoot on location using industry standard audio and video equipment, provide trained actors as scene partners, and include coaching from experienced professionals in the entertainment industry. 


Our clients have appeared on T.V. shows such as, Blue Bloods, Law and Order, The Blacklist, Person of Interest, Unforgettable, Hostages, Law and Order: SVU, Odd Mom Out, Nurse Jackie, The Americans, Gotham, Alpha House, and The Knick. As well as major motion pictures : Non Stop, The Skeleton Twins, The Amazing Spiderman - 2, Manhattan Nocturne, People, Places, Things, Growing Up Smith, Black Dog, Red Dog, and The App.


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"I’ve used several reel / website designers in my 25 year professional career (as an actor, director, and teacher). Unequivocally, Paul’s work is the best I’ve seen.  I had a very specific idea of how I wanted the design of my reel and website to look. Paul was not only able build it as fast as anyone in the business, but his technical and artistic input were invaluable to me.  Whenever my student’s, agents, or managers ask me to recommend a reel/web designer, I don’t have to think twice.  Because in the final analysis, his work speaks for itself, and says it far better than I can."

- Frank


"LLP are simply the best. I had about a million questions and thoughts about what should be included in my reel, what would best suite my type, the order of scenes in the reel, and Paul sat down with me many times--whether over the phone or in person--talk everything out with me. He really helped me hone in on what I wanted to present in order to gain some heat in my career. When it came time to the shoot the material for the reel itself, Paul and Ray treated it as though they were shooting a feature film of their own that was precious to them. They went above and beyond in making all the pieces come to together, and were actively involved in giving direction and pointers that would bring out the best work for me to present in a reel. It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience working with them, and as an actor, I'd drop everything and work with them again in a heartbeat. If you're looking for that right scene or two that's missing from your reel, I would encourage any actor to go to these amazingly gifted guys."


"Lynx Point is top notch!  Paul and his team took the time figure out what my brand was and how I wanted to present myself to the industry. He personalized my reel so it was a unique representation of me as an actor rather than a "cookie cutter" demo.  Paul is multi- talented, professional and savvy artist. I could not recommend him enough!!! "

x Kerri 


"Paul did an amazing job on my website and reel! He is extremely knowledgable on the business end of this industry and knows how to make an artist marketable. He knows what skills, pictures and videos will make you look your best, and where, or when to put them.  He really took personal time when working with me, so he knew who I was, and what it is I am selling as an artist. All around easy going, and great to work with. I won't be asking anyone else from now on :)" - Aly Miller


"Lynx Point Design is by far, one of the best out there. Not only do they makes sure your material fits your personal needs, but that it best showcases who you are as an artist. They capture you as an individual and help to bring your personality into the site. But what makes it even better is that he's looking at it not only from an actor's standpoint, but also from the eyes of industry professionals. They want to make sure everything is easily accessible to the industry. Paul understands this and makes sure they can navigate around your site with ease and that my reel is effiecent and concise. I've only been getting positive feedback from my agent and manager. They love my new site/reel and so do I. Thanks Paul!!" - Eric Wright


Stacey Dotson Reel

Ken Perlstein Reel

Kristen Bailey Drama Reel

Paul Castro Jr. Reel

James Gunn Reel

Maria Baratta Reel

Kristen Bailey Comedy Reel

Christopher Dalbey Reel