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Our company has designed websites for every type of business and consumer across multiple platforms/industries. But the one thing that stands out regardless of your industry or field, is that the need to have a website in the digital era is a no-brainer... However, it's not just about having a website. It's about having your material showcased in the right way that will catch the eye of your target audience. We create websites only after a personal consultation and a review of the content that will be used to create a custom design that markets YOU in the most efficient way possible.


Our clients have appeared on T.V. shows such as, Blue Bloods, Law and Order, The Blacklist, Person of Interest, Unforgetabble, Hostages, Law and Order: SVU, Odd Mom Out, Nurse Jackie, The Americans, Gotham, Alpha House, and The Knick. As well as major motion pictures : Non Stop, The Skeleton Twins, The Amazing Spiderman - 2, Manhattan Nocturne, People, Places, Things, Good Ol' Boy, Black Dog, Red Dog, and The App.


Please contact us for a custom quote: LynxPointDesign@gmail.com

FRANK DEAL  www.FrankDealActor.com 
From the Netflix Original Series Gypsy and AMC's Better Call Saul

"I’ve used several reel / website designers in my 25 year professional career (as an actor, director, and teacher). Unequivocally, Paul’s work is the best I’ve seen.  I had a very specific idea of how I wanted the design of my reel and website to look. Paul was not only able build it as fast as anyone in the business, but his technical and artistic input were invaluable to me.  Whenever my student’s, agents, or managers ask me to recommend a reel/web designer, I don’t have to think twice.  Because in the final analysis, his work speaks for itself, and says it far better than I can."

- Frank

DAN ALMEKINDER www.DanAlmekinder.com

"Paul is a genius at determining just what works for each individual client he has. There is no cookie cutter work here. He listened carefully to what I wanted and was able to deliver above and beyond what I ever expected- and I couldn't be happier. My site has received nothing but great responses and I owe it all to Paul's ability to know what works and what doesn't." 


 - Dan Almekinder

ALY MILLER www.AlyMiller.com

"Paul did an amazing job on my website and reel! He is extremely knowledgable on the business end of this industry and knows how to make an artist marketable. He knows what skills, pictures and videos will make you look your best, and where, or when to put them.  He really took personal time when working with me, so he knew who I was, and what it is I am selling as an artist. All around easy going, and great to work with. I won't be asking anyone else from now on :)" - Aly Miller

KERRI LYNN MILLER www.KerriLynnMiller.com

"LPP is top notch!  Paul  took the time figure out what my brand was and how I wanted to present myself to the industry. He personalized my website so it was a unique representation of me as an actor rather than a "cookie cutter" site.  Not only did he design an amazing website, he also edited my reel for me.  Paul is multi- talented, professional and savvy artist. I could not recommend him enough!!! " 

x Kerri

ERIC WRIGHT www.EricGerardWright.com

"Lynx Point Design is by far, one of the best out there. Not only do they makes sure your material fits your personal needs, but that it best showcases who you are as an artist. They capture you as an individual and help to bring your personality into the site. But what makes it even better is that he's looking at it not only from an actor's standpoint, but also from the eyes of industry professionals. They want to make sure everything is easily accessible to the industry. Paul understands this and makes sure they can navigate around your site with ease and that my reel is effiecent and concise. I've only been getting positive feedback from my agent and manager. They love my new site/reel and so do I. Thanks Paul!!" - Eric Wright



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